Bassin de Chambly - Écluse #1 - 15914

This station is not owned by CHS, but by Environment and Climate Change Canada. See station information below. Its data is not subject to the same quality control process

Station Information

Code: 15914

Province: Quebec

Location: 45.449667, -73.284

Type: Temporary

Operational: False

Owner: Environment and Climate Change Canada


Height of tide is the vertical distance between the surface of the sea and chart datum.

Heights - Relative to chart datum
ID Height(m) Date
High Water Level 1.8 N/A

Chart datum is the plane of vertical reference to which all charted depths and drying heights are related. More info

Datum Conversion
Vertical Datum Offset (m)
CGVD28 6.703
CGVD2013 6.343
IGLD85 6.677
Benchmark Number Condition Established Latitude Longitude Unique Label More Info
XIX GOOD 1982 45.4475 -73.283889 10L19 More Info
80L505 GOOD 1982 45.449444 -73.283889 80L505 More Info
80L506 GOOD 1982 45.447222 -73.270278 80L506 More Info
M14L9010 NEW 2014 45.447414 -73.283172 M14L9010 More Info
BENCH-D UNKNOWN 1966 45.447222 -73.283389 66L025 More Info